The First Phish – the first time I responded to a phishing email

Like most humans out there, I receive phishing emails on a daily basis. One day, I don’t actually remember when, I decided that I had wasted enough time deleting phishing emails from my inbox. It was time to fight back! I wanted to waste the time of the phishers for once instead…

Full disclosure; this wasn’t actually my first response to a phisher, it’s just one of the oldest I could find in my sent mail box. I purged my emails a couple of times over the years for one reason or another, so lost my oldest ones.

Phishing Email

Subject: Congratulations!

We announce the winner of the BMW NATIONAL LOTTERY PROMO UK,your
e-mail address,attached to winning number 34-11-06-45-40-122,with serial number
678901,you have been approved for lump sums pay out of 750,000.00 British
Pound along with a brand new BMW 1 Series 5-door (2015) Credited to file REF
NO:BMW-3456003/15E NOTE:No winning Lotto Max ticket sold, Selection process was
carried out through a random selection in our computerized email selection
machine (ORACE) from a database of over 1,000,000 email addresses drawn from
all data base world wide). For claims send us your,
Full Name:
Phone No:
Edgar Heinrich
Director of Promo

My Response

I claim for you.
I wonder why BMW would have a cash prize instead of a car giveaway?

BMWlottery 20151120-page-001


The advent of phishing emails! The horror! 

Remember when the internet was a magical place full of mystery? You got your first email address and suddenly you were connected to the world! Then, one day, you get an email from someone in a far off land giving you some amazing news, and you think what is this about? Over time you come to realise that this is the start of SOMETHING TERRIBLE. The advent of phishing emails!

How do you cope? Well, at first I ignored them. And then one day. I stopped…

Gone phishing.