Skye Bank – when you find out you ‘inherited’ $7.5m

Skye Bank emailed me. A very well known and reputable bank, no doubt. Everything seemed above board so I decided to go ahead and reply to get the $7.5m they said I had inherited.


Phishing Email – original message


Attention Beneficiary,
We were authorized by the President, Federal Republic of Benin and the Governing Board of Central Bank to investigate the unnecessary delay of your payment,to also recommend and approve your claims for payment if the report of the unclaimed contract/inheritance funds is genuine. However, we discovered that your funds has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt officials of some banks.
We have agreed with the authority that we will handle this payment ourselves to avoid the hopeless situation created by those officials. Currently your Inheritance/Contract fund of $7.5Million has been credited in  ATM card.Contact Mr.Shegun Akintomi(Skye bank ATM director)with your details including phone lines for immediate delivery.
Contact Name: Mr.Shegun Akintomi
office line:+22966854680.
management of Skye Bank Plc

My Initial Response

They were highly professional individuals and replied the same day!

Phishing Email 2

Subject: Regarding Your ATM Card
Attention: Sir,
 This office write to acknowledge the receipt of your mail regarding your $7.5 millions united states dollars. As the mail indicated earlier, your funds has been credited in ATM card in your favor. As the president and other governing board instructed. It has been signed and stamped that your funds will be sent to you through an official ATM card in care of this bank. I am the director in charge of your ATM card.
 All you need to do is to reconfirm your details like full name, home address and direct phone number and make sure there is no error in it. This is to avoid any wrong delivery or loss of your ATM card. I will register your ATM card for shipment once you reconfirm your information to me. The delivery will take only 48 hours as it was scheduled.
 I will be waiting to hearing from you soon.Thanks for your corporation,
 Mr.Shegun Akintomi
 ATM director.
 Skye Bank Plc
Still keen I responded posthaste… 

My second response

Yes, I take it. What I do?
They were obviously starting to feel frustrated with me. So they sent me exactly the same email again. 

My third response

I’m still waiting for my $7.5m…
Contact Skye Bank 20151117-page-001-page-001

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